Toner is the often skipped, misunderstood and highly underestimated beauty product. I tone multiple times a day and it would be easy to say that I am, quite frankly, addicted to toner. No, I am not being dramatic…. it’s true

So let’s get to the ins and outs of what toner does, and how it can benefit you.


Why should I tone?

Toners balance the pH of the skin.

Our skin has an average pH of 5.5. The pH of the skin is a result of the slightly acidic film that lays on the surface of the skin called the acid mantle. The acid mantle is made up of sebum, lipids, and water. The acidic nature of these protective lipids and secretions that form the acid mantle act as a protective barrier against bacteria and environmental stressors. Many skin conditions such as sensitive skin, rosacea, acne, and eczema are a result of this natural protective film being compromised and becoming more alkaline.

When we wash our face with cleanser and water we disrupt the pH of the skin, making it more alkaline. It can take several hours for the skin to return back to its normal pH. Even when we are using a pH balanced cleanser the water we use to rinse it off is a higher pH than the skin. We can further create a problem when we are using cleansers not suited for our skin type, and/or over exfoliating with AHA’s, scrubs, Clairisonic brushes etc. Basically, after cleansing, the pH of the skin becomes imbalanced. When our skin becomes imbalanced it is an open invitation for bacteria and irritation. Being too acidic or alkaline causes inflammation and irritation to the skin. Being balanced is truly important and may even be a solution to some of your skin concerns.


Other reasons I am addicted to toners….

Because toners pH balance the skin, they allow for proper absorption and maximum benefits from your serum and moisturizer. They add hydration and nourish without the oily slick feeling, calm and soothe irritation, and refresh and revitalize the skin.


When would you use a toner?

I always use my toner for my morning and evening routine. I apply toner after I cleanse by misting my face and wiping with a cotton-round followed by another light mist, which I allow to “soak in”. The skin is now perfectly prepped to continue with serum, moisturizer and SPF. But don’t stop there! Throw it in your bag and take it with you! Use it throughout your day to refresh and revitalize your skin.

Feel dehydrated mid-day at work? TONE! Mist toner right over the top of your makeup to add hydration and nourishment. It really revitalizes the complexion and brings back your glow. And while you are at it mist a friendJ This is also a must for anyone who spends a lot of time on an airplane. Feeling oily? TONE! I suggest misting toner over your makeup mid-day and wiping with a cotton-round before re-applying your powder or other makeup. Look for toner (like Luzern’s Vita o2 Toner) with willow bark. Willow bark is an anti-inflammatory and natural astringent. It is wonderful for keeping oily skin in check, calming blemishes, and for keeping pores clear and tight. Meeting for drinks after work? TONE! When there isn’t time to wash your face and do a complete make up application, toner is the answer. Feeling irritated after a shave? TONE! I actually spray it on my legs. (toner is not just for the face ya know) Just got out of the gym but plan on running errands anyway? TONE< TONE<TONE! HAHA! Told you I was addicted ;0)

Toner has really been a lifesaver for me as I tended to wash my face too much which messed with my pH. This has been my answer to freshening up during the day as it provides me a quick and very effective way to hydrate, refresh, revitalize, nourish, and calm the skin while on the go.


What type of toner should I use?

Stay away from toners that have alcohol! I know people with more of an oily skin type like that extra clean tight feeling but it is stripping your ACID MANTLE! Your skin over compensates when trying to replenish these natural lipids exacerbating your oily skin condition. Don’t forget your natural oil has antibacterial properties and removing it is an open invitation for bacteria, blemishes and skin sensitivities.

Ingredients to look for would be ones that soothe, hydrate and protect the skin such as rose hip oil, calendula, chamomile, green tea, aloe, hyaluronic acid and willow bark. Luzern’s Vita o2 Glacial Toner and Alpine Glacial Toner include many of these ingredients since they are filled with Organic Bio-Suisse extracts. There is also the added bonus of Zermatt Glacier Water, which infuses essential minerals and trace elements that are often lacking in the skin. These mineralizing Luzern Toners will rehydrate the skin and balance your pH, calm and soothe, refresh and revitalize, tighten pores, tone and balance. They also prepare the skin to receive maximum benefits from products that follow. These are the two products responsible for my toner addiction!


I am a strong believer in the benefits of a toner, but picking the proper one is important. Yes, I am addicted, but there are worse things to be addicted to. ; )