Is anyone still reflecting on 2015 and thinking about the New Year resolutions/intentions you set for 2016? I know it is April, but believe it or not, I am.

2015 was such a transformational year for me that I am still absorbing and trying to take it all in. It is the middle of April, and I am just now acting on my 2016 intentions, because honestly, after such a big year and the holidays I just didn’t feel prepared or energized to do it any sooner.

For me, I feel like 2016 is just getting started.

Spring is the time of year when everything is budding and ready to bloom, along with the return of more light bringing longer days. I guess it is only natural we get our boost of Spring energy. When I align my body to the natural rhythm of the seasons, I am much more productive and in a natural flow. I think Spring is the perfect time to start the new year!

As I am trying to absorb all that happened and reflect on last year, I go back to the earliest part of 2015 when I set the intention that I was going to be kind and compassionate with myself and truly practice what I preach at Down to Earth Beauty; Health + Self Love.

Well, I didn’t realize what I was getting into, but I got through it and I did it, I really did it! It was hard at first to implement this way of living but it has become a natural part of me now, and even though I still have some improvements to make, I am getting better all the time.

This practice of Health + Self Love has really been many years in the making, but 2015 is when it all came together and the magic happened, allowing me to see the positive results. This was the year I faced and conquered many fears and dropped old patterns and beliefs that were not helping me live my best life. I uncovered all the shadowy, dark places in my soul, confronting them and giving them a big ‘ole loving hug. I reconnected with myself, turned my wounds into wisdom and now fully and completely accept and love ALL OF ME!

Reflecting on last year, I see it was one of the most amazing years ever, but while I was in the midst of it all it was very trying. I spent the year way out of my comfort zone, and was extremely introspective. With that came lots of tears (I literally cried my eyes out…LOL) and then this amazing ability to persevere came over me. It was a year of tremendous personal and spiritual growth. I am so grateful for the love and support I got through this process. And I cannot even find the words that express the support that Eric (my hubby) provided for me.

In June of 2015 I came across this Ted Talk and it really struck a chord with me. Bréne Brown talks about vulnerability, and how what makes you vulnerable makes you beautiful. At this point I was in the earlier stages of writing my website and blog and honestly was struggling to find my voice. (Mind you I hadn’t written much more than a txt or FB post in many years.) I really wanted to make a true authentic connection with people, and I realized right then and there why I was struggling… I wasn’t making myself vulnerable.

Since Down to Earth Beauty is all about awakening your authentic beauty, I knew that if I wanted to live as a Down to Earth Beauty and create true authentic connections, I would have to EMBRACE MY VULNERABILITY in 2016… BUT I HATE BEING VULNERABLE!

Showing others your vulnerability will mean something different for each person, but for me, it means voicing who I really am and what I stand for, and then putting it all out there on the Internet, through social media, a website, a blog, and newsletter. And in my world that is not only being vulnerable, but also the definition of facing and conquering fear.

There are a very select few I share my vulnerability with, and wouldn’t you know, they think I am one of the most beautiful people in the world. So this is it everyone!

With this blog I am holding myself accountable… 2016 is the Year I embrace my vulnerability and put myself out there through social media, and with my new website, blog, and newsletter.

Is this process going to be genuine, heartfelt, and beautiful? YES! Is it going to be uncomfortable, imperfect, a lot of trial and error and essentially vulnerable? YES! But I am so awesome with it now! I feel so free!

The bottom line is, if I want to truly connect with people, and do what I love and am passionate about, I HAVE TO DO THIS. The greatest part is that my passion has finally taken over fear, and now fear doesn’t stand a chance. Never putting myself out there and making myself vulnerable was one of the missing links to becoming my best and most beautiful self.

The biggest lesson I learned in 2015 was realizing how valuable my light is and that I am worthy of being heard. I am so grateful I have finally found my voice to express what Down to Earth Beauty has ALWAYS been deep in my heart. The knowledge I have gained in all my years of being passionate about the beauty industry and my message of authentic beauty is so valuable that not sharing it wouldn’t be serving the greater good.

So, what makes you vulnerable? I hope this inspires you to live your truth and follow your heart. Here is the Ted Talk that inspired my 2016 intention: