I personally make each Healing Gem Water with much love and intention. These Healing Gem Waters are energetically charged using Reiki, gemstones, intention, color, sound, and the beautiful energies from both the sun and full moon. These high vibrational waters are often referred to as vibrational medicine (I love that!), and will shift your energy, creating an open heart and a balanced and centered feeling. Your skin will love being cleansed with this mineralized water, as it is very nourishing and hydrating. And after your skin therapy, you can enjoy a freshly poured glass for drinking… it will most likely be the purest and cleanest water you have ever tasted!


There is a universal healing we all receive from water

Throughout history, humans have purified their souls in sacred healing waters. Water helps us to heal when we are sick, and is a vehicle to flush the toxins from our bodies. We can live without food for weeks, but we could not survive for more than a few days without water.

Our life began in water as we were soothed by being lulled in our Mother’s womb. It is only natural that we continue to turn to water for healing and comfort throughout our lives. Listening to the rhythmic sound of the ocean, the rush of waterfalls, or the babbling of a brook brings instant calmness.   Not to mention submerging in a hot bath (or a hot spring!) or just letting the shower run over our head to wash the stress of the day away. And think about how wonderful and satisfying it is to drink fresh, pristine water.

Water is truly the essence of life, and nourishes the body and soul!

We are energetic beings!

We function, react and respond to vibrations every moment of the day. Everything in life vibrates! Every organ, thought, emotion, sound, color, plant, and gemstone has its own unique vibration. Unfortunately, technology and our busy modern-day life weakens our energy field and creates imbalance. But the good news is that we can fix this imbalance by consciously introducing high vibrational energy, and my Healing Gem Waters can be a way to do just that!

So lets talk about vibration and the effect it has on water

Think about how adaptable and fluid water is. Water is a vessel that absorbs energetic vibration. We can alter the water’s structure by infusing it with:

  • Vibrational energy from gemstones– gemstones emit their own unique energetic frequency which the water will absorb and attune to.
  • Colors- Colors affect our moods and emotions. We can change the whole vibe of a room by changing the color on the walls. Placing water in colored glass and letting the sunlight reflect through the glass, infuses the water with the vibration of that color.
  • Intentions- Working with intentions is so powerful, and is the basis of all energy work. Prayer and intention greatly affect the vibration of water. Your voice is a vibration and so are your thoughts and emotions. Think about how you feel when you hear and feel the high vibration of beautiful, kind, loving words, as opposed to the lower vibration of less than positive words and feelings. Blessing the water with beautiful prayers, words, thoughts and intentions greatly raises its vibration!
  • Sunlight & Moonlight- I love utilizing their amazing energy. We know that the energy of the moon affects the tides of the ocean. And the sun provides life on earth. Combining the power of these 2 elements greatly adds to the energetic level of the water.
  • Channeling Reiki to the water- Reiki is universal life force energy. It is pure love and light. This life force energy is a gift from God that flows through every living thing. This is a beautiful and sacred way to raise the vibration of water.


The human body is made up of mostly water, and because water is a fluid and adaptable vessel, it only makes sense that cleansing with and ingesting my high vibrational gem water will shift your energy. The practice of energetically enhancing water has been practiced for thousands of years. I LOVE tapping into this ancient wisdom! I drink these waters daily and feel it at a soul level.

Welcome my Healing Gem Waters into your next skin therapy session with an open heart and mind. I can’t wait for you to experience this gift!