Rebecca is passionate about creating gatherings that unite the power of community to ground in the present moment, and lift and awaken the soul. With her background as a Reiki Master, practitioner of shamanic energy medicine, sound healing facilitator, + studying astrologer, she is able to make the unseen world of energy a tangible, soul awakening & beautiful, Down to Earth experience.

Hello, I’m Rebecca Benedetti, owner of Down to Earth Beauty.

I am…

I am deeply committed to walking the shamanic path, and the basis of my work is grounded in holistic energy medicine.

I am a stargazer who loves to wander the woods, and consider myself a seer of the unseen, a creator of Beauty, and unifier of Spirit & Earth.

I am completely fascinated with the world of energy and on a constant quest to gain an expanded understanding of the unseen realm, and how it relates to our earthly human experience, so I may share that insight with others.

I am a light weaver, devoted to creating, sharing, and living Down to Earth Beauty every day.

What is Down to Earth Beauty?

Down to Earth Beauty is my healing mantra. The words hold a high vibration and are rooted in unconditional love & connection. They speak to being grounded to the truth of who we are, and remembering that we are co-creators with the Divine, able to draw a thread of light down to earth and weave its beauty in all we do.

Through sacred connection to the Earth, my shamanic initiations, meditation, working with sound & vibration, studying the stars and connecting with like-minded souls, the energy of Down to Earth Beauty has been deeply integrated in my life. It has been so profound and life changing that living and sharing it has become my life’s purpose.

One by one, I’m on a mission to create a world of powerful light weavers who embodying the energy of Down to Earth Beauty!

But we need to do the deep-healing inner work to create a powerful weave of light so strong that nothing can unravel it.

We can’t truly know the light unless we first know the dark.

We are both light and shadow.

Our shadow is the unacknowledged and suppressed parts of our self, and part of our subconscious where all of our fear, shame, limiting beliefs, and anything else that seems too difficult to face lives. The shadow is ultimately the parts of us that need acknowledgement and unconditional love.

The more disconnected we are from our shadow the more it becomes the undercurrent that influences how we navigate life.

In heart centered sacred space, I use my wisdom of shamanic energy medicine, meditation, sound healing + Astrology, and journey with you to the depths of your being, stirring a conversation with the soul. It is here I assist you in reconnecting with the shadowy unacknowledged parts of yourself, and guide you in embracing them through your own unconditional love. It in in this space the shadow can transmute and merge into the conscious self, and you see the beauty, gifts and lessons that have been hidden there.

The more we connect with our shadow through unconditional love, the more we navigate life with the light of our soul and embody the energy of Down to Earth Beauty.

If you would like more Down to Earth Beauty in your life join me for my Sacred Sound Community Healing Events or contact me for a more in depth private one-on-one session.

I look forward to the honor and privilege of connecting with you, and will leave you with this quote by Brene Brown, because I couldn’t agree more ; )

“ I define connection as the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship.”