• I promise I will hold you in a healed & whole state
  • I promise I will work with integrity and a strict code of ethics
  • I promise I will create a heart-centered sacred space that will fill you with as much nourishment as you are open to receive.

Your decision to attend an event may begin as a simple deep breath and a moment away from the daily to-do list. But, as you align with the deeper possibility of the experience offered by these events and gatherings, you will be open to receiving all of the Down to Earth Beauty a heart-centered sacred space can offer.



A space for community & belonging, for healing & vulnerability.

A space to conquer fears, accept our humanness, and fully love our perfectly imperfect selves.

It is a space to LET IT GO, and for transformation.

It is a space to get in touch with our innate wisdom, remember our infinite possibilities, and trust the journey of life.

It is a space to see the bigger picture, and remember to live through our hearts.

It is a space to fill ourselves with light, and shine it out to the world.

It is a space of gratitude & nourishment.

It is a space that will bring us peace and bring us back to center.

It is a space where we come together to celebrate the ebb & flow of life.

When we allow ourselves to be fully present in heart-centered sacred space, Spirit & Earth unite. This allows us to feel balanced and connected. We tap into the divine beauty and magic of ordinary life.

We live Down to Earth Beauty.

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