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Living like a Down to Earth Beauty will look different for each one of us, but one thing to know for sure, being a Down to Earth Beauty should be a positively fulfilling experience! It is not about living “perfectly”, but about living consciously.

A Down to Earth Beauty knows that beauty is so much more than the physical body. She radiates authentic beauty by approaching all of her decisions with Health+ Self Love. She follows holistic skincare and beauty practices that balance the mind, body & soul. This balance reflects in the health of her skin.

I want to share with you what I have been doing to practice holistic skincare and my personal approach to creating mind, body & soul balance. This balance has allowed me to awaken my own authentic beauty. Do I practice all of these things perfectly? No way! Is this a major work in progress? Always! Bottom line is that I have to work at finding this balance every single day, and some days are harder than others.

So how did I get to this point? Let me back up by saying that I consider myself an expert in beauty practices for the physical body, as it has been my career for over 20 years. I’ve worked at a full-service day spa and in a medical spa, and have always struggled with the concept of beauty. Naturally, working in this environment we spoke in great length about perfecting physical beauty.  While I certainly enjoy discussing that aspect of beauty, I wanted to dig deeper into what beauty meant to me. I always felt that something seemed to be missing. Whether it was missing from myself; my day-to-day life; or my career, I wasn’t entirely sure…but I knew authentic beauty was more than the physical body.  I knew it had to do with the mind, body & soul connection. Ultimately, I was at a turning point and I had no choice but to make a decision. That’s when I decided that I wanted my life choices to be based on two key elements; Health + Self Love. When I nourished my mind & soul with decisions that reflected Health + Self Love and caring for the physical body, I awakened my authentic beauty.

Everything I offer at DTE Beauty is what keeps me in balance. DTE beauty is, and always will be, a reflection of my wellness journey. This philosophy and lifestyle is coming from my heart and I hope it speaks to yours. It is my passion to connect with you. I would love to be a guide and resource to your holistic skincare and beauty practices, and provide another outlet to express and Awaken Your Authentic Beauty. Take advantage of the special offer on this page and come visit me at my studio. I would love to meet you, and hear how you are living like a Down to Earth Beauty. What have you committed to? Let’s share with one another and inspire each other…Let’s grow together.

Here is what I have been faithfully practicing for some time now, and WOW has it changed my life.  In future blogs, I’ll be expanding on these things and getting more personal about how these practices became part of my life, the many blessings they’ve brought, and why I am so passionate about them. But for now, my guide below just briefly touches upon 11 practices for living as a Down to Earth Beauty. I hope it helps you to get to know me a bit better, and encourages you through your wellness journey!

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Holistic skincare and beauty is about balancing my mind, body & soul through decisions and practices that reflect Health + Self Love. This is the path I have chosen on my wellness journey, and what has awakened my authentic beauty. I think of these practices as a special gift to myself.  When I am balanced, I am happy and healthy, which will always radiate my Down to Earth Beauty.

Let’s explore this path together!

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