For as long as I can remember, I have known all too well about having a multitude of skin concerns to balance and deal with. I understand the pain of dealing with acne, hyper-pigmentation and scars, and at a later stage in life, dealing with the signs of aging on top of everything else. Not fair!

I can’t begin to tell you all the invitations I declined and all the living that I missed out on due to my insecurities with my complexion. I hated to be “exposed” in natural sunlight, didn’t want to swim in front of anyone, and chose to walk my dog in the dark so no one could see me.

From a young age, my difficult complexion prompted me to continuously read and search for the best skincare and ingredients. Before long, skincare became a passion of mine and eventually led to my career as an esthetician. Along the way, I tried so many products and so-called solutions, but most of them just offered a temporary fix (along with adverse reactions and side-effects). I was finding products with beneficial ingredients, but they also included many harmful and toxic additives.

Oddly enough, I was also having reactions to “natural” products and eventually learned that many product lines that claim to be pure still have preservatives that might contain irritating ingredients. I was tired of the cycle of having “periods of adjustment” to new products and skincare services, as well as hearing that “peeling and redness equal results.” This couldn’t be further from the truth!

In addition, I was dealing with some physical health concerns and realized the importance of removing toxins from my system. These concerns heightened my passion and focus on product safety and purity. When the opportunity in my career came where I was able to choose a skincare line, I was determined to find a solution that was pure, effective and helped build up the skin’s overall health. And what an eye-opening experience that was! Product labeling can be very misleading, so I understand why it’s so confusing for most of us.

Rest assured that I have done my homework.  You can relax in knowing that you will be getting the very best products so you can feel confident about your purchases. Click on product images below to find out more!

De La Terre Skincare is “OF THE EARTH” HOLISTIC HEALTH & WELLNESS! Pure and simplistic! 100% synthetic free – gluten free – vegan – organic and/or wild crafted.

Luzern Laboratories is luxurious skincare that contains natural BioSuisse ingredients & cosmeceutical grade active ingredients, in clean cold- pressed formulations.