downtoeartybeauty-02HELLO DOWN TO EARTH BEAUTIES!

Down to Earth Beauty will always be a reflection of my wellness journey, and I am beyond excited to introduce you to De La Terre Skincare.

As I strive to live a holistic lifestyle and experience wellness and beauty in all areas of life, I have stayed dedicated to continuously educating myself and, of course, always making decisions that reflect Health + Self Love.

This has aligned me with the tools and resources that have not only helped me grow and evolve on a personal level, but also as a practitioner.

As I grow my practice, my partnership with De La Terre Skincare is a natural step in providing the very best holistic skincare. De La Terre Skincare is at the forefront of the industry and their products, therapies, and philosophies resonate deeply within me.

De La Terre Skincare provides a clinical holistic approach to skin health and an extraordinary experience in wellness.


“De La Terre” is a direct French translation meaning: “Of the Earth.” The company honors their name by using pure and simplistic formulas with exceptional grade raw materials and never formulates with laboratory-made ingredients that imitate nature’s purity.

De La Terre Skincare is toxin-free, 100% organic, vegan, gluten-free, and synthetic-free.

Many times I am asked, “Do these natural, organic, plant based products really work?” and “Will I see results?” The answer is YES! You will be amazed at the results and the way your skin responds when you move away from synthetics and give your skin and body ingredients they recognize and crave. Your skin is longing to be touched by the healing energy of nature!

These products are a wonderful option for anyone living a holistic and health-conscience lifestyle. They are also a perfect choice for people who have compromised systems and sensitive or reactive skin.

De La Terre Skincare is medically accepted and currently used in holistic skincare practices, hospitals, medical clinics, and wellness centers, where it has been accepted and approved to address “skin conditions” related to medical & health conditions such as hormone imbalance, insulin resistance, digestive orders, cancer, autoimmune disease, diabetes, and stress. De La Terre Skincare products and therapies are approved by the NCCAOM (National Certification Commission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine).

De La Terre Skincare addresses skin challenges from the perspective of “healing not peeling.” Nutrition is the foundation of treatments and products, and the use of herbal compounds found throughout the collection shifts the skin into nutritional balance creating an environment where the skin can heal and repair itself.

The herbal compounds found in and throughout the De La Terre Skincare collection feed the skin from a variety of delivery systems such as herb rich teas, mists, serums, clays, balms and salts.

Each advanced formula focuses on toning, supporting, and restoring skin function, while activating it’s natural defense from irritants, providing measureable results for optimal skin health.

Come visit me at my studio to experience how De la Terre Skincare’s pure organic plant based products and therapies not only beautify and address the physical health and function of your skin, but also offers and an extraordinary experience in wellness!